Nora Bode Oxyjet Treatments

Through the use of pulsed oxygen pressure highly effective cosmetic formulations and pure concentrated oxygen are pulsed into the deep layers of the skin…without needles- gentle, effective and safe!

All cosmetic problem areas can be treated without pain and side effects. Wrinkles are filled, pigmentation spots lighted and skin impurities gently reduced.

The so formed deposit of active ingredients deep in the skin unfolds its positive effects over a long time. At the same time the oxygen provides the skin with new energy and freshness.

BEAUTY TOX Ultra Facial

  • £150 per treatment
  • Course of 5 £700 – includes Home Care products – 2 treatments week 1 and 1 treatment per week for next 3 weeks
  • Top up treatments recommended every 4-6 weeks – £110

This is the secret which gently disappears the famous wrinkles of Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and renowned German actresses.

The British “Daily Mirror”, the “Bunte”, “Frau im Spiegel” and many other magazines have reported on it.

This toxin free equivalent to cosmetic injections is the Ultimate Anti-Aging facial. It works deep within the layers of the skin, restoring elasticity, and promoting collagen production through the deposit of a cocktail of active ingredients using pure medical oxygen.

Diamond Microdermabrasion with Cryo2 Treatment £70

This is the ultimate facial rejuvenation treatment. Microdermabrasion helps brighten and hydrate the skin as well as removing dead cells to reveal soft, glowing skin.